Trees in little Cranberry Lake, Fidalgo Island, WA

It’s been awhile since I’ve uploaded any of my “Abstract Reality” photographs, but they still make up a large part of my picture taking. There are certain things I look for in these pictures and in a way I found that it was becoming a bit too easy to do. So I’ve been trying to be a lot more selective in the ones that I make public.

Section of some washed out chalk drawings, in Anacortes WA

So I’ve recently uploaded a selection from pictures I have taken over the entire summer. Most of them are of chalk drawings in a park in Anacortes WA, trees and water at Little Cranberry Lake on Fidalgo Island,  a sculpture along the Lochside Trail near Victoria, BC, and then a scattering from Vancouver and Seattle.

Lake Surface.

I should again restart that these are things that attract my eye, I make no claims on them being art or anything.  I don’t devote the time or have the level of dedication to photography that the real artists have. In a way I just present these as an insight into what I like. Additionally there are those that seem to like similar things that I do.

Sculpture (detail) on Vancouver Island

I am a bit curious if there are other people that find the same things interesting as I do, in a way some of the things that attract my eye seem to be a result of how our vision system works.  I did at one point jot down all the things I look for when I take these pictures, I’ll have to post that one day.

Windows in Vancouver.

As always click on the photos to be take to a flickr page where you can select different sizes. To see all of the pictures in this batch check out my Recent Abstracts set.

reflected trees
reflected trees