SFMoMA - Alexander Calder Lone Yellow, 1961

As discussed in my previous post, Haiku, Mobiles and Earle Brown, the individual recordings that constitute Sometimes the Rain is Hard to See (9 Haiku) can be performed as a mobile. So just for fun I encoded mp3 versions of the eleven haiku I recorded and set up players from there here. So you can create your own mobile version of this piece.

(I’ve moved the players under the fold since they load every time the front page is visited. So open the post to make your own realization of Sometimes the rain is hard to see (9 haiku).


Sometimes the Rain is Hard to See (9 Haiku) mobile realization

• If you have access to a real mobile or a video of a mobile spend some time watching it. Or even use it as the source for your realization.
• Consider each recording as a ‘leaf’ on a mobile and contemplate how it moves in and out of view, sometimes partially obscured, sometimes nearer to you sometimes farther from you.
• Using 9 of the 11 available recordings below, translate this understanding of a mobile into music. Start and stop each piece; adjust the volume; use the 30″ rewind; repeat each piece as often or infrequently as seems appropriate.


This works best if you allow all of the individual players you intend to use to fully buffer. 

9 Haiku No. 1:-

9 Haiku No. 2:-:-

9 Haiku No. 3:-

9 Haiku No. 4

9 Haiku No. 5:-

9 Haiku No. 6:-

9 Haiku No. 7:-

9 Haiku No. 8:-

9 Haiku No. 9:-

9 Haiku No. 10:-

9 Haiku No. 11:-