August Music: Alastair Wilson’s war

insert gangsta reference here In 2006 Alastair Wilson and Richard Pinnell started audition, a program on the Resonance radio station in London. This program ran for three years ending when Alastair moved to Australia. But now Alastair is back on air, on 2MBS 102.5FM, in Sydney. His new show, Admirable Restraint, broadcasts twice a month, but is two hours long.  Alas it is almost impossible for me to listen to live (a lamented Sunday morning tradition during the audition years) as it is on from 8-10am Wednesday mornings, which pretty much is during my morning commute.  But thankfully Al has begun archiving the show putting them up on for two weeks after the show.  The playlists and various news items for the show are made available via the Admirable Restraint blog.

Experimental music, like everything else, is subject to Sturgeon’s Law: 90% of everything is crud and audition really helped one winnow down to that 10%. Admirable Restraint clearly is going to continue that tradition, show 4 (the first archived) alone already allowed me to sample three recent recordings that I was curious about.  These ended up being in the 90% and thus I was saved from adding to the worlds vast collection of idle plastic.  So welcome back to the radio Al, and thanks, I’ll be listening.